Covid-19 - How I manage

Covid-19 - How I manage

Tracy BakerJul 27, '20

On March 18, 2020, I locked my doors to manage the COVID-19 surge as well as the online market surge.    With limited exception,  I do not allow entrance into the building.    

My precious delivery men and women were greeted to a sign on the door telling them to honk for pickups and to remain in their vehicles.   

It's important to me that you know once you open that package that it was carefully handled by someone who has always had a deep affection for hand washing.    If you didn't already know, we sell on Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay.   Communicating with Walmart the other day,  I told them that I am extremely proud of myself.   I did what it took to keep my customers orders coming and the errors that I made I could count on one hand.   I made things right every time.   I know websites pop up like crazy and that has caused folks to be afraid of buying from small businesses.    Go look at our FB.    These are reviews from folks who know us face to face and they are not new, they are from our bounce house days.    Come back when your done and place an order from a genuine small business that is getting things done!    

 PS:  Photo flashback to my birthday at Disney with the Hubs!